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Oklahoma Mountain Bike Association

Established in 1996, Oklahoma Mountain Bike Association (OMBA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting mountain biking in Oklahoma. OMBA works with private, city, state and federal land owners to obtain land use permits, build and maintain mountain bike trail systems, features, and address erosion concerns on trails across Oklahoma.  Our trails are designated multi-use and support not only mountain bikers but trail runners and hikers as well.   

OMBA is the Oklahoma chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association.

OMBA Sponsors

Thank you OMBA Sponsors!  Your tax deductible donation helps ensure that our trail systems are maintained, enhanced, and continue to grow.  Sponsors get their logo, contact information, social media links right on the front page of OMBA.  Funds go into the general fund and sponsorships last for 12 months and can be renewed annually.  These funds will be used to directly promote mountain biking in Oklahoma, to maintain trails, build new infrastructure, signs, etc.


Miles of Trails
Maintained and Built


Mountain Bikers
Supported and Connected


Events Hosted


Contributing Their Time

Join Our Community -
Build and Maintain Trails!


Your donation will help us build and maintain trails, promote mountain biking, and connect mountain bikers in Oklahoma.


Join us in building and maintaining trails, promoting mountain biking, and connecting mountain bikers in Oklahoma.

Note:  All volunteers must sign the OMBA Waiver before assisting in any way.

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